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Disrupt!/Media!/ is coming to Tunis

With only a few weeks away from Disrupt!/Media!/’s debut in Tunisia, a unique team of trainers, mentors, and judges have been assembled to take part in this exciting event!

Over the course of one weekend, the Disrupt team in Tunis will guide the participating entrepreneurs as they develop their project ideas, explore innovate business modeling techniques, and prepare their final presentations for the chance to wish cash prizes and memberships to Cogite Coworking Space!

Leading the training is Karim Bahi, an entrepreneur who founded Inceptio, a company dedicated to helping organizations and groups strike the perfect balance between individual aspirations and their collective mission. Currently Karim serves as General Manager of Inceptio is certified as a Build Your Business trainer by Microsoft, and is also recognized as a High Impact Presentation trainer.

Passionate about empowering people and promoting entrepreneurship, Karim is excited to lead this Disruptive journey in Tunis and contribute to the growth of a creative ecosystem. It is excited to have him join the team!

Disrupt!/Media!/ is also pleased to announce the participation of exciting and talented mentors who will guide the participants during this entrepreneurial weekend. We are happy to introduce some of our talented mentors who will play a critical role in the success of the event!

Two of them, Bahia Nar and Abdelkarim Ben Abdallah, co-founders of the Tunisia Social Media Club, are likely to be familiar faces for those active in the Tunisian media scene.

Karim is an IT specialist by day, and an active presence throughout Tunisia, organizing events including the BIL conferences, the Global Good Summit, and the dozens of events the Tunisa Social Media Club hosts each year. Bahia is a communication specialist, digital trainer, and university teacher on topics like digital marketing and transmedia storytelling.

For leadership development, Nadra Achour who has a PhD in organizational psychology will be joining. She has been involved in the reorganization of different companies and has led mergers and acquisitions for different entities for not only national and global companies, but also start-ups! Her focus is on leadership and change management, leadership training and finding talent.

The Disrupt team is pleased to be working with Khalil Tarhouni, the co-founder of Arab Inspire. He holds a Master’s degree in Finance from IHEC Carthage, and is working on a second in management at the Virtual University of Tunis. He is the Project Coordinator of MAZAM, an agency that specializes in event creation and project management. Khalil is also an entrepreneurship trainer with INJAZ Al-Arab, and is the former President of AIESEC Carthage in Tunisia.

To judge the final presentations, some well-known faces from the world of entrepreneurship in Tunisia have been selected. First, Leila Charfi, the head of Yunus Social Business in Tunisia, and the former director of Innovation Partnerships with Microsoft Africa. Working first in Canada and then France in the telecom sector, Leila returned to Tunisia to direct the only private incubator in the country, the Microsoft Innovation Center.

Learn more about Leila’s vision for the future of Tunisia here, with her inspiring talk at TEDxCarthage.

With her will be Mehdi Baccouche from the IMPACT social entrepreneurship incubator within Lab’ESS, the social economy and solidarity laboratory in Tunis. He has worked to support the growth of start-ups in Tunisia through programming, incubation, and various other outreach initiatives.

As preparations for the event are being finalized and outstanding applications from around the country are received, the Disrupt team looks forward to working with this exciting and dynamic lineup of trainers, mentors, and judges! Stay tuned to learn more about the team and the final participants, as well as updates about the competition!