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Business Trainings

In 2014 and 2015, Mideast Creatives has organized several trainings in the  in the Middle East and North Africa. We call those trainings: Disrupt!/ events

A Disrupt!/ is a competitive 3 day workshop that brings together innovators within a specific sector of the creative industries such as Gaming, Animation, Design, Music etc. During the 3-day workshop, teams with a creative idea will be supported by mentors and experts from the business and the creative sector. The teams will receive training in Business Model Canvas, Pitching, Design Thinking, Gamification etc. At the end of the event they have to pitch their idea/ business model in front of a jury. The winner will receive a small supportive cash prize from the jury.

Disrupt!/Design in Beirut

Disrupt!/Design!/ in Beirut from Mideast Creatives on Vimeo.

Disrupt!/Games in Tunis

Disrupt!/Games!/ in Tunis from Mideast Creatives on Vimeo.