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Support for Coworking Spaces

While entrepreneurs are able to work from any space, the creative sector thrives on collaboration and inspiration. Coworking spaces are the ideal driving force of the creative economy. It is in those places where the creative community can jointly land projects, exchange ideas, access services, and support and use technology that can aid their growth individually and as a collective. There are a myriad of such spaces in the Middle Eastern and North African countries and the number is increasing.

Mideast Creatives provides seed and growth capital and management trainings to set up and expand these cowering spaces. We define coworking spaces as collaborative workspaces where individuals (creatives, artists, social entrepreneurs and freelancers) and organisations share common utilities in order to work on creating a certain value added. These spaces also provide community networking and support mechanisms. Coworkingspaces can include cultural hubs, fablabs and hackerspaces.